Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wallace & Gromit in Curse of the Wererabbit - now in Japanese

The translation process dragged on a bit through December and January, but it finally hits the streets in Japan next week. We found a reveiw on which was translated into delightful engrish by google:

Finally! As for W&G fan propriety! (*' ? `) /, 2006/2/15
March 18th of 2006 with ???? and ????? vegetable field of release large pinch!

When the PS2 edition game software appears already, being, promptly the introduction ??
You looked at B, but * & & & & & *, the ? - it is it is enormous! V (^^) v
W & the world of the G makes that way, politely and you have been packed! The to game converting
" (-_-; Woo? " With while the work which is thought being many, just the excellent work! It is foreboding of hit!
In simplicity operation colorful action! Furthermore every reproducing one town roundly completely
The mini- game and collection et cetera such as thing and 2 human simultaneous cooperation plays which are full
With the ?, the child together, you think long in coming from now!

The person who is continued to look at the former series the scene which is made the " Ni spear "
With like full load, W & the G fan convert the necessary item which we would like to insert in the hand by all means
It probably is thing! (*' ? `)

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