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Greenstreet Software Ltd
Meadow Lane
St. Ives
PE27 4LG

01480-496789 (General enquiries)
01480-496575 (Customer service and Upgrades)
01480 358870 (direct to my desk) fax: 01480-496189
email: postmaster@greenstreetsoftware.com (General enquiries)

About Greenstreet Software

Greenstreet is a Cambridgeshire based software publisher specialising in mass-market software throughout Europe. Its product range covers desktop publishing, graphics and word processing software for Windows, and PC-based games. The best-known products developed by Greenstreet are:

Greenstreet Publisher 4

the complete Desktop Publishing package. (Previously known as Pressworks)

Greenstreet Draw 4

a powerful Windows drawing and illustration package (Previously known as Designworks)